Sunday, September 2, 2012

How to feel like a creep

I was going to call this "Best friends" but, because I do not know these young women, and I shot the photo without their knowledge, I feel like a creep.

Anyone that covertly goes around shooting pictures of women or children is suspect.

But I could not help myself.  A photograph of two girls who dress the same, sit the same and even pick the same ice cream treat, in my opinion, makes a good picture.

So call me a creep.


  1. I know how you feel. I can't get up the nerve to ask permission, and if you do ask, the shot is no longer candid. That's one reason I rarely photograph people, especially without their knowledge.

  2. Your a braver man than me. I half wondered whether this was a bit of an "in" joke following your meal out the other week!

  3. I see the attraction to this type of photography - it's interesting and spontaneous and this particular one is well crafted. I do see your point, nobody wants to be labeled a "creep" or "voyeur" but maybe the results are worth a moment of embarrassment.

  4. "Creep" depends on the motive of the photographer, and your purpose is not creepy. This is a great picture. The parallels in the picture are wonderful.