Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cold morning

The last few morning have been cold... only in the single digits, and that is Fahrenheit single digits.

We aren't experinecing the coldest temperatures in New York State... it's been well below zero in the Adirondacks.

And there has been snow too... not a lot, but enough.

I guess is must be winter.


  1. Those cold winter mornings make us appreciate warm weather all the more. Lovely sunrise.

  2. A fine image, John. I connect very much to such sparse image elements - just a row of tree silhouettes, a distant mountain ridge, a seemingly weak sun. Maybe it touches my desire for a simpler world ;)

    Winter can be wonderful (as long as there is enough to heat a cozy home), and this change of seasons with its seasons of growth and recession, of bloom and congealment has certainly formed my personality as well as my seeing.

  3. I was surprised this past Wednesday when I had to clear 7 inches of snow out of the driveway and when I went to work there was nothing in the city. It's like Webster is a different planet.
    I really like this image, too.

  4. Very very, evocative. I've come back and looked at this image a number of times and I'll be seeing it in my mind for quite some time. Assuming that it was afternoon, I can just imagine the temperature dropping as the sun dropped down behind the trees. I'd think that a print would look very nice.

    1. Colin, thanks for your kind words. The photo is of sunrise on that cold morning. The sun was struggling to penetrate the clouds on the horizon. It appeared and was obscured minute by minute.

  5. We had about a foot on the ground around Christmas but two warm days killed it for the snowmobiles. Very nice shot, I admire getting up early and braving the cold, I'm to lazy.