Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The mounds of Monroe

Just having a little fun here.

My fellow blogger, Colin Griffiths, has created many fine photos of the Scottish Munros. He is a talented photographer and lover of the outdoors. I admire his work very much. So for some reason these mounds of soil on Monroe Avenue struck me as miniature versions of the Munros.

Yes it seems like a strange connection... but my mind, at times, works in mysterious ways.

Munros or Monroe's... not quite the same in grandeur or photographic interset, but that is what I have to offer this day.


  1. Very clever! I also follow Colin's Blog and have enjoyed his writings. Your pictures are interesting as well.

  2. Appreciate your post today as I also follow Colin's blog. Thanks for the smile.

  3. Blush....Blush! :) Thank you very much for your kind words. (Sometimes I think about what a strange way blogging is to make friends).

  4. Can i use that expression "Munros or Monroe's"??? It's priceless.